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The Love Detective: Boyfriend Background Check

article-2297783-18DE2318000005DC-638_634x824Celebs started the trend for pre-marital background checks moving into the realm of the first three months – Britney Spears reportedly asked her new boyfriend Dave to sign a confidentiality agreement and pass a background check before taking their relationship further.

So what’s involved in a ‘Boyfriend Background Check’?

Private investigators verify Identity, Address, Financial Stability, Employment, Property, Marital Status, and Moral Character.

Some people think that it’s paranoid, but I think it’s crazy that some people do less research on the history of a person we let into our homes (and vaginas) than the condition of a used purse on Ebay. Think about it: Have you ever dated a guy who wouldn’t take you back to his apartment? Are you sure he’s ‘separated’, or just separated for the night? A boyfriend background check definitely would have saved me a ton of time in my 20s.

What do you think? Would you ever want a Boyfriend Background Check?

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The Craigslist creepers offering free rooms for sex now want maid service too!


Most seasoned single women in search of housing have come across ads posted by Craigslist creeps. These are the ones that seem too good to be true by offering ‘free rent’ – until you notice that the rest of the title reads ‘for female only’. Now there’s a new twist. Many of the lusty landlords aren’t satisfied with just sex for rent – they want maid service and cooking thrown in, among other things.

And their demands are getting more and more bizarre.

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The Love Detective: Will random Facebook stalking become the new drunk dialing?


From my test drive of Facebook’s new Graph Search feature: ‘One Facebook executive used finding a spicy meal in San Francisco as an example search.Seriously? If I want barbecued rib recommendations I can go to Yelp. I wanted help with a much more elusive query: “Where are the single men in Manhattan?”‘

Read more: Daily Mail/ MailOnline

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The Love Detective: Forget 7 years…beware the ’18 month itch’!


First it was the seven-year itch. Then the three-year itch. Now a rash of recent celebrity break-ups seems to suggest that the honeymoon period is getting even shorter. That’s right: The stage when complements stop, sex dwindles and suddenly a partner’s cute little quirks go from totally adorable to totally annoying could happen in as little as 18 months.

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The Love Detective

The Love Detective TV Show

If you are in the NYC area and have an issue that  you would like The Love Detective to resolve, and are willing to be filmed for a short segment on show about love, please get in touch. Whether you want to find the one that got away, get answers about cheating or learn how to figure out red flags on a first date, I can help you find answers. This isn’t about cheesy set-ups or jumping out of bushes; it’s about getting to the truth and giving people a positive sense of closure. Email me on catherinetownsend@hotmail.com for more information, and feel free to pass this along! Cheers, Cat

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First Date Red Flag #1: The Man Who Masturbated

It was even more shocking because our date had started out so normally. We went for Italian food, shared a plate of tiramisu and retired to an intimate bar for dessert wine. To get some privacy, we settled into a back-room sofa beside a roaring fire. Then he leaned in, I steadied myself for our first kiss – and that’s when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it.

Somehow, while we were chatting, he had unbuttoned his trousers and released his member, which he was enthusiastically stroking like a pet hamster. “Do you want to touch it?” he asked, in the same conversational tone he’d used to ask what my dad did for a living. I grabbed my coat and bolted.

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