My Detective Work

Q: But I thought you were a writer. Now you’re a detective?

After I moved to Los Angeles, I decided that I needed a new project. Also, if I’m being honest, I always had a childhood fantasy about becoming Nancy Drew–if she added Jack Daniels to her punch. Later I imagined I would turn into Jessica Fletcher, the lady on Murder She Wrote, except that I couldn’t figure out how she kept getting invited to parties when dead bodies showed up everywhere she went. Kind of a plot hole. Maybe she was the one killing them? See, I’m solving mysteries already.

Q: So, are you a real detective? What’s your training? 

A: Yes. After completing a 10-week course with DGA Detectives Academy, I received my Certified Master Investigator’s certificate. This consisted of case work and field work with actual investigators, including working on process services, missing persons cases, surveillance of cheating spouses, love scams, insurance investigations, and asset recovery. I wasn’t just sitting behind a desk doing research–I was questioning witnesses on Hollywood Boulevard and chasing people down with handcuffs. Fortunately, when it comes to handcuffs I’m a fast learner. 🙂 Seriously though, I put everything I have into each case, no matter how large or small. Since my course ended, I have accumulated thousands of hours toward my California Private Investigator license.

Q: So…sex columnist to private investigator. Weird transition?

A: Actually, I found that my years of writing about relationships (and bad dates!) made me somewhat of an expert on body language. My clients feel that my background is a huge advantage.

Q: What kinds of cases do you work on? 

A: I take my own cases under the supervision of a licensed investigator and also assist on some of his, so the day can bring anything from missing persons to sexual harassment. But I specialize in cases that involve matters of the heart. Since everything in life touches on greed, fear, and especially love, the cases I get involved with really are limitless. But in general they can involve background checks, surveillance, locating people and Internet scams.

Q: Okay, but why hire a PI? Can’t I just find anything I want on the Internet?

A: That’s a common misconception. Yes there is a LOT of information on the Internet, but there is also a lot of bad information. When you hire a professional, you are hiring someone with years of experience to filter through and find facts that are relevant through your case. A PI provides impartial advice and emotional support. Also, hiding in the bushes and playing amateur detective could get you arrested. If you suspect that someone is cheating, you are being followed or something seems out of place, it’s best to hire a professional.  As yourself: What’s your gut feeling? If the hairs on the back of your neck are standing up, it’s probably time to get answers from someone who can give you the facts.

Q: Are you expensive?

A: I’m not cheap, but my rates are very competitive. Also keep in mind that if you suspect that someone is hiding assets in a divorce, for example, the cost of not hiring help can far outweigh a PI fee.

Q: How can we hire you?

A: Get in touch here via email or check out my Contact page.


2 thoughts on “My Detective Work

    • It’s a memoir too – very fun! I am also working on a naughty chick lit choose-your-own adventure that I think everyone will love. Stay tuned…the last couple of years have been crazy in the best possible way 🙂

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