The Independent

Charlie Sheen and the art of beating addictions

Modern Sex: Catherine Townsend Logs on to the New Revolution

Oscar-worthy orgasm faking

The only thing between us and a potential date rape was a layer of silk and lace

My first thought once we’re intimate is: How long before I can get kinky?

Terrified of being a bridesmaid

Women haven’t adapted to casual sex? Not in my experience…

Romance & Passion

The guy who text-stalked me

In a room packed full of men, I’ll sniff out the emotionally unavailable one

Double standards: My Theory of Sperm Competition

When it comes to love, older is not always wiser

I always thought that it would be fun to have two men fighting over me. I was wrong.

Why I love British men

You don’t need a key ring to swing

The long and the short of it

My first love was sitting in a bar, sexier than ever

Girls, steer clear of a man who’s obsessed with his Ferrari

Welcome to the twilight world of the nosexual

Fetishism is fun, but I had to put my foot down

Porn Stash

Some things are better left unsaid

Yes, I slept with the boss. But I still had to fetch his coffee

Three can be my magic number

Ditch your dad, Rhys, get an agent

Gender vs spender: The Cost Of Being Single

My high is fuelled by mind-blowing sex

It’s a fine line between hot sex and guilty sex

The Vibrator One

How I got off with the class nerd

First dates and final straws

Not all men have their down side

Seducer or stalker – it’s a fine line

Why it’s good to have ‘the Manhattan talk’

Got dumped? Stop obsessing and play darts

Why I have sex with my friends

The Big Debate: Speedos or shorts?

Breaking up honestly is hard to do

Shamelessly, I’ve chosen sizzling sex over banter

I found him in a pair of fishnets

I find it incredibly flattering when a guy takes charge

His sell-by date was stamped on my return ticket

I dream of Gordon – and it’s X-rated

Kind, sexy, charming, funny – and 58 years old

Revenge is a dish best not served at all

If I wanted to cuddle, I’d be home with my dog

Increasingly, it’s women who can’t commit

Surely a little mutual deception isn’t a bad thing

The heavy, heavy monster sound

A date with equity

A single person’s guide to surviving Christmas: The party girl

Sex Is A Simple Equation

I’ll Have What She’s Having

If You Love Me, Bring a Condom


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