Daily Mail/Mail Online

The Craigslist creepers who want sex in exchange for free rent now want women to throw in maid service and other ‘extras’…

Goodbye sugar daddy, hello ‘Splenda daddy’: Older men who fund younger girlfriends’ lifestyles are making LESS money than ever

The mail-order bride boom

So rough our pit bull got stolen: Growing up in America’s most violent small town: Pine Bluff, Arkansas’  – PDF Version

‘Are You Really Going Out with Him?’ Top 10 Dating Taboos


One thought on “Daily Mail/Mail Online

  1. Amy Wall Aud says:

    Just saw your article on PB, I also grew up there & now live in Ga. What you said is all very sad but true. PB has changed so much since I was a child in the 60″s. My brother is one of the hold outs who won”t leave, in fact he was the one who told me about your article . It is such a depressing place to visit & I never feel safe while I am there.

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