Prisoners: The Ultimate Bad Boys?


Convicted murderer Joran van der Sloot may or may not be a father soon but he does have a girlfriend. And he gets conjugal visits. 

So what they hell is she thinking? I have a few theories, but none of them make dating a prisoner any less insane. 

1. Prisoners are the ultimate ‘safe’ bad boys. Women who need to feel needed believe that they can ‘tame’ them and see their softer side. At least, as long as there is a guard with bear mace within spitting distance.  

2. They believe that a guy in a cage is better than no guy at all. These women are passive commitment-phobes who don’t want a ‘real’ relationship. Maybe they have been burned in the past, cheated on, or abused. It’s like looking at the lion in the zoo–a safe way to experience intensity. 

3. They don’t want to wait by the phone. Men in prison tend to write long love letters and call when they say they will. Because they want to make sure those checks keep coming! 

4. They believe the men don’t/can’t cheat. I’ve actually spoken to someone who tells me that she prefers dating men behind bars because they ‘can’t look at other women or hook up’. At least, until he drops the soap…

5. They want to land a hotter model than they could on the ‘outside’. Prison yards are a great workout! Maybe they can’t date Brad Pitt, so they figure that Scott Peterson or Erik Menendez are worth a shot.  

The scariest part? I have so many amazing, well-educated, kind male friends who can’t get a date while women fight over felons. 


4 thoughts on “Prisoners: The Ultimate Bad Boys?

  1. You are hysterical! And very insightful. I cannot understand why women would want a guy in prison unless there was a previous relationship. Oh well, more for the rest of us on the outside!

  2. Morrighan says:

    i LOVED your post! finally someone else says the same thing i say about the non-criminal women who use pen pal sites as dating sites. i’m a convicted felon x heroin addict of 4 yrs. that is in college to become a drug counselor. i do write to 2 pen pals i can understand the life and know how hard it is to be in the free world and stay drug free/sober and put ones life back on track. both of my pen pals say the same thing as i say and as you say about the non criminal women who write them hell some propose in the first letter! so thanks for this post! i want to reblog it to!

  3. Morrighan says:

    Reblogged this on Raven's Witch and commented:
    i’m so glad to see some one else here that has the same opinion of the non-criminal women who use prison pen pal sites as dating sites. my 2 pen pals say the same things as i have in my posts on these women and this blogger has said in the post i’m reblogging. the women like me that are convicted felons that conquered drug/drinking addictions and have turned our lives around, are able to help them see that they to can get out and stay sober/drug free.

  4. Jen used to work in a prison, and you wouldn’t believe the number of women that showed up each visiting day to see “her man.” Some got into alot of trouble trying to sneak in contraband items. Some degraded themselves by allowing the man to grope her in the public visitation area. There were also women who had worked there that fell in love with an inmate and had to leave. But they were also there come visiting day. Were they cooks or guards? No, they were psychologists.

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