The Love Detective

How to Date Like a Detective: Follow The Evidence

You have only one ultimate responsibility–to find, document, and present the ‘true facts’ of the case. Don’t bend your case to fit your theories of what ‘should’ happen.

The day I started applying my private investigator manual to my love life, everything changed. How many times have you watched CSI and seen a great cop get burned because he decides early on that a suspect is ‘his guy’? His focus on catching his man makes him blind to the evidence presented later.

Sound familiar?

I’ve done the same thing so many times in dating. I would focus on my ‘suspect’ on the first date, and then cherry-pick ridiculous evidence (like a generic text that was probably sent on the toilet) to prove my case: That he’s The One. Now I’ve learned to Follow The Evidence. Is he calling when he says he will? Introducing me to his friends? Have I seen his house?

And all the crazy wrong turns, dead end leads, and unusual suspects become worth it when you find the right person! 🙂


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