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Background Check on Prince Charming

319751_220438564723120_122924284474549_324907_680212530_nLet’s face it: Women in fairy tales get screwed. Sleeping Beauty bled. Snow White was in a coma surrounded by potentially necrophiliac dwarves. And in one version of the story, The Little Mermaid stabs herself and gets turned into sea foam. Little girls learn that love equals suffering. But is Prince Charming worth it? What do we really know about him?

We’ve been taught since childhood to chase a stock character whose closest emotional connection is to his horse. Since he promised all these women happily ever after, he’s technically a bigamist. It’s time to break up with the fantasy guy who lives in our heads. 🙂


One thought on “Background Check on Prince Charming

  1. Horses used to be very important you know, like a chap’s car today, and if it’s an old beat up Porsche who else is gong to love it after you’ve told all the women to shun them and treat their drivers so carelessly !

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