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Why I’m Glad I’m Not ‘Wife Material’

I don’t have that much in common with Pippa Middleton – my sister isn’t royalty and my ass doesn’t have its own Facebook page – but I HAVE been dumped by an uptight British man for not being ‘wife material’. This basically meant that while he was happy to have an attractive, smart and charming woman at his side, once my star started to outshine his, his comfort level plummeted and I had to disappear.

Not that you need any advice, but Pippa, you can do better. I found that I was MUCH happier being single than having to constantly tone myself down in order to appease an insecure man. Eventually, I met someone who loved me as I am and celebrated all my successes instead of trying to transform me into a Stepford wife!

And I’ve also found that the type of men who dump women for not being ‘wife material’ are the type of men whose Madonna/whore complex means that they usually want one of each–a girlfriend AND a wife–at the same time!


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