Bad pickup lines…will we never learn?


I recently had a conversation that was the verbal equivalent of an ice bath to my genitals.

Him: So you’re a private investigator?

Me: Yes. And an author.

Him: That’s cool baby. I wouldn’t mind investigating your privates.

I blame the new fall red lips. NARS Amazon lipliner + Scandal gloss = Easier interrogations!



One thought on “Bad pickup lines…will we never learn?

  1. Greg says:

    Pick-up lines? a) Do those still exist? And b) do you really think he was trying to pick you up rather than just more interested in blurting out a crude remark?

    Sounds to me that in his small mind he thought he was putting together some clever wordplay, obviously has no censor for his mouth and highly doubtful that he envisioned you two running off together because of it – a version of the (also outdated) construction workers on break mentality, whistling at or calling out to a pretty woman walking by because they just can’t help themselves. Sounds like this may have been a case where the guy just couldn’t help himself and went where most of us guys would not even have considered going.

    But…I could be wrong. I have a hard time rationalizing my own behavior half the time, let alone some other guy’s I’ve never even met.

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