My close encounter with Colin Firth

Last night I had dinner with friends at Cut restaurant at the fabulous Beverly Wilshire hotel, which was a rare treat (the filet mignon is fabulous, but I would have to take out a second mortgage to eat there often!). Right after I’d polished off the better part of a cow, I saw Colin Firth sitting at the table next to us. I got so excited that I seriously considered fake-choking so that he would Heimlich me. That worked in the Chuck Palahniuk movie, right??

Seriously though, I don’t JUST love Colin Firth because he’s gorgeous, successful, and has turned one wet shirt into a generation of women’s erotic fantasies. I love him because of an encounter I had with him almost a decade ago, when I was working as a gossip reporter for New York magazine.

I was running on adrenaline and zero sleep while making the rounds at a party, and Colin took the time to offer me a seat and was polite, considerate, and answered all of my questions. At the end of the interview, I flirted with him (don’t judge, I didn’t know he had a wife!).  He told me that I was ‘beautiful’ but he was very happily married to a gorgeous, smart woman. I’m happy to say that they STILL looked just as blissfully happy and in love last night.

So thanks, Colin Firth, for being pure class. It’s great to see a guy who knows the value of what he has at home…you are pure class, and give single women out there hope. Good luck on Oscar night!


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