Creative Arts Emmys

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, because a friend of mine was nominated in the Outstanding Nonfiction Series category. But let’s face it, sitting through a four-hour ceremony is tough. Some of the highlights that perked up the moments when I thought I was going to pass out when they kept announcing random awards for things like ‘three-way tie between multi-camera direction for best non-prosthetic makeup done without a safety net’ were:

1) John Lithgow getting the award for guest actor for his awesome portrayal of Arthur Miller (aka The Trinity Killer) in Dexter. Then thanking HBO instead of Showtime in his acceptance speech. Hey, we all have our moments!

2) Christina Hendrick’s breasts – Yes, they looked gorgeous. This time buttressed by a black evening gown that looked like a black swan at the top. And she was wearing super hot black librarian glasses.

3) The Betty White clips. Then again, I have the Golden Girls on constant repeat, so I’m easily amused. She won an Emmy for Guest Actress on Saturday Night Live, but got beat by the Old Spice guy in the Best Commercial category.

4) The fact that everyone, even the guy who worked for the Oscars, got played off stage by the manic ticking 45 second clock: EXCEPT the guy who was telling the really sad kid cancer story. So if you want more time, tell a story about a kid dying of cancer.

5) Conversely, the woman who told the weird story about burying afterbirth in China and unearthing it 25 years later did NOT get additional time. That was just weird.


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