Funny Girls

I saw the comedian Hillary Lowe perform at the Room 5 lounge last night. I live in fear of comedy shows, because of a childhood experience with a terrifying clown at Cirque de Soleil, followed by the Blue Man Group years ago when one of the performers asked me to hold a piece of plastic chocolate.  I naively said ‘yes’, and watched, horrified, as the ‘prop’ lit up, trapping me. I tried to hide the light under my shirt, but the painted men started crawling across the walls and ceiling like insects. I still have nightmares about the blue men coming for me!

I love watching my girlfriends do stand-up, because I’ve never bought into the Christopher Hitchens argument that women can’t be funny.

Some of us tone it down, because there are certain men who don’t like it when we’re funnier than them!


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