My Valentine’s Day Date With Jack Daniels

I accepted a long time ago that Colin Firth isn’t going to show up in search of a madcap adventure with me, which is why I hate traditional romantic comedies and their silly, formulaic ‘rules’.

So, since I constantly get asked how to deal with a dateless Valentine’s day, I have an idea for those of us who want to put our heads in the sand. As an expert at holiday avoidance (I have to navigate Christmas with divorced parents and lots of drama!), here’s how I’m planning to spend February 14th.

First, I’m getting up and running five miles in the cold. Then, I’m having an anti-chick-flick horror movie marathon. I think I’m going to go with Fatal Attraction, followed by Baise Moi and the British horror flick Mum and Dad. Or, I could turn on True Movies (the UK version of Lifetime Television). They seem to have a great selection of ‘Women Who Love The Men Who Eventually Turn on Them and Kill Them’ flicks. My main course for the evening will be microwave popcorn, and my ‘date’ will be Jack Daniels. Or maybe Johnnie Walker. Jose Cuervo can’t come. He feels good going down, but in the morning I always have major regret.

And hey, at least this year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday. So I don’t have go to to work and watch everyone else’s candy, teddy bears and ‘I love you’ balloons arrive. And sending myself flowers was getting expensive! 🙂

On Monday morning I’ll be back to chasing adventures. You never know: My Colin Firth look-alike could be just around the corner.


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