Bliss Spa at the W Hollywood

I battled through the driving rain today to try Bliss Spa at the new W in Hollywood today. They’d had quite a few cancellations due to rain – I swear, this whole town shuts down when a single rain cloud appears – it’s hilarious! They should try living in London or New York for a week and battling through feet of snow!! Anyway the interior was pretty utilitarian (as all Bliss Spas are) but the bar looks very scene-y and I ran into two Miley Cyrus look-alikes in the changing rooms talking about their agents, and a publicist on her cell phone talking about booking out the whole place for someone who would need ‘total privacy’.

I had a Brazilian waxing, which was fantastic, and when I left and my credit card’s magnetic strip stopped working, for some reason I got tearful (I blame the rain!) The guy behind the counter asked if I needed a hug – and not in a creepy way. So we went for it! I’ve never been asked in London if I needed a hug. I would probably hit the person who asked with my umbrella. Or they would steal my handbag. Thank you, Bliss!


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