Opposite of ‘Cougar’ = ‘Silver Fox Hunter’??

The New York Observer has helpfully broken down the older woman/younger man phenomenon by generation. Now we don’t just have ‘cougars’ (40-something women who date younger men), we also have ‘cheetahs’, the thirty-something, ‘younger cousins’ of cougars who date men in their twenties, and (gasp) sometimes want to stay the night, because they are ‘on the prowl’. Confused yet? There are also the ‘pumas’, women in their late twenties to early thirties who hit on men in their early twenties.

Am I the only one who is getting really tired of all of this sexist labelling of relationships? For myself and my girlfriends hovering around the big 3-0 and dating men in their 50s, our dates get labelled ‘bachelors’. Yet my 32-year-old (stunning) friend dating a man who is four years younger gets constantly teased about her ‘boy toy’. What’s the big deal? My parents are one year apart. They met, got married, bought a big house and waited exactly seven years before they started having children. In short, they did everything by society’s ‘checklist’, and their marriage fell apart. Meanwhile, my dad and step mum have a twenty year age difference and are very happy together. Isn’t life WAY too short to keep slapping solitary cat labels on relationships? Can’t we get back to having great sex instead?


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