Bet Charlie Sheen Won’t Put This on his Christmas Card Next Year…

Nothing channels the spirit of the holidays like Charlie Sheen, his wife Broke Mueller, and a domestic violence arrest. Looking at this mug shot, I can’t help but wonder why women always think that we can change men. Charlie spent Christmas in the winter wonderland of the Aspen slammerafter a huge bust-up and reports that he threatened Brooke with a knife.

Couldn’t Brooke have seen this one coming? This is the guy who accidentally shot one ex-girlfriend (Kelly Preston, in 1990). His divorce from Denise Richards was a tabloid train wreck, and he was named by madam Heidi Fleiss as one of her biggest clients. Sheen’s MO of late seems to involve meeting a woman, falling in love, getting married, and doing magazine covers saying [insert name here] is the best thing that ever happened to him and that he’s a ‘changed man’.

I can understand why women fall for Charlie. It’s intoxicating to believe these wonderful things, but it’s also bullshit–and a giant red flag. No one is a perfect match; we’re all human–and if a guy puts you so far up on a pedestal there is nowhere to go but down. It’s already happening, according to the New York Daily News, Sheen is saying that the fight happened because of ‘her partying’. What is it about ‘reformed bad boys’ that makes them so attractive to women?


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