Samuel L. Jackson: My Relationship Guru of the Day

I was talking to a girlfriend last night about what to do when you hit the ‘stomach drop’ stage in a relationship – i.e. the point where it’s fairly new, but you actually start caring enough to be really bummed if the guy bails out. I suppose I could go to a therapist and talk about my abandonment issues, but I find that what works wonders for me in situations like this is a little creative visualisation. I have an unlikely relationship guru: Samuel L. Jackson’s hit man character from Pulp Fiction.

There’s a great scene in the diner where Amanda Plummer’s skittish wannabee robber is holding a gun on Jules, and he turns the tables on her by screaming ‘Tell that bitch to chill out!’ It’s hilarious, and she goes from hyperactive gunslinger to docile bunny rabbit in two seconds flat. So every time I pick up the phone to drunk dial or send that extra email in a new relationship, I pretend that Samuel is holding a gun to my head telling me not to do anything stupid and asking me ‘What’s Fonzie like?’. When I get worked up over a situation that largely exists inside my own head, I ask myself: Do I want to be the nutty chick or the one strolling out to to the cool soundtrack? I try to put my phone away and remember his immortal words: ‘We’re gonna be cool.’


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