Why do powerful men cheat? Because they can.

After years of blubbering politicians and their crocodile tears, it’s pretty ironic that a comedian has set the standard for serious public confessions. David Letterman’s straight-talking admission that he’s done ‘creepy’ things, while not his finest hour, was done the right way. No bullshit public apology, no mention of a higher power, no miserable-looking wife wringing her hands while being forced to stand by her man in the background. He explained the facts to a sympathetic audience (on his terms!) and now hopes to move on.

Of course, the press is still trying to dig up dirt – most recently about a bedroom that ‘sources’ are calling ‘the bunker’ (it’s probably closer to a fold-out couch!) But really, if he has had other consensual affairs with staff members, who cares? He cheated because the opportunity was there, and found a pool of willing women after spending intense 15-hour days with them. He’s an entertainer, not a politician–so he has no responsibility to maintain a standard of morality. Though to be honest, I respect Dave more than most politicians. Hey, at least he’s not a hypocrite.


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